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Tenable Customers

24,000+ companies and government organizations worldwide rely on Tenable for Cyber Exposure

Tenable Customers explain why they choose Tenable as their trusted vendor to help them identify their Cyber Exposure risk and protect their organizations.
“It’s all about risk.It’s being able to help them quantify risk, understand risk…make risk management decisions….What Tenable does for us is limit that cyber exposure.”
“The support was phenomenal, the training was excellent and the tool is very efficient.It takes a lot less effort for superior results.”閱讀案例研究
“We expect to always be a step ahead in vulnerability discoveries, industry best practices, and proposed solutions to solve technological challenges.That’s why we chose Tenable as a strategic business partner for our company.”閱讀案例研究
“Metrics are an important part of information security.Being able to speak the language of executives – and being able to present that in the appropriate fashion – Tenable does a really nice job of helping me do that.”
“Things can pop up in an instant.You can put a VM up in 5 minutes.You can have mobile phones in your network.You have to have visibility into all that….That’s where things like Tenable come in handy.”
“DISA’s security and compliance requirements are ahead of the curve and should be applied industry-wide, across both commercial and government organizations responsible for delivering critical infrastructure."閱讀案例研究
“It allows us to get visibility very, very quickly into places that we didn’t have it before.And it gives us multiple ways to get that visibility….And it all comes back into Tenable.io, into one place.We do see that single pane of glass versus a whole bunch of different ones.”
“With Tenable.io, I can get it online within hours.”
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試用 Tenable.io 弱點風險管理

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享受對現代化、雲端基弱點風險管理平台的完全使用權限,使您能夠查看和追蹤您的所有資產,且具有無與倫比的準確性。立即註冊並在 60 秒內進行第一次掃描。

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65 資產

免費試用 Nessus Professional

免費試用 7 天

Nessus® 是現今市場上最全面的弱點掃描軟體。Nessus Professional 將幫助自動化弱點掃描過程,在您的合規性週期內節省時間,並讓您的 IT 團隊參與其中。