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Solutions for PCI DSSAssess and Monitor PCI Compliance

PCI security standards impact virtually every organization involved with credit card processing, including merchants, financial institutions, point-of-sale vendors and hardware/software developers involved in processing payments. Because payment card information is one of the most appealing targets for attackers, protecting payment card transactions and cardholder data (CHD) is crucial.

Potential impact of a credit card breach:

  • Lost confidence, so customers go to other merchants
  • Legal costs, settlements and judgments
  • Diminished sales
  • Fines and penalties
  • Cost of reissuing new payment cards
  • Termination of ability to accept payment cards
  • Fraud losses
  • Lost jobs (CISO, CIO, CEO and dependent professional positions)
  • Higher subsequent costs of compliance
  • Going out of business

Maintaining compliance continues to be a challenge for organizations. Nearly half (47.5%) of the organizations assessed for interim PCI DSS compliance validation had not maintained all DSS controls.

2018 Payment Security Report, Verizon.

Benefits of The Solution

Assess In-scope Assets

In-scope Assets

Covers virtually all in-scope assets in cardholder data environments, including servers, databases, web applications and network devices.

Streamline Compliance Documentation

Streamline Compliance Documentation

Simplifies the work of documenting compliance status with out-of-box scan and reports templates.

Boost Productivity


Accelerates security risk assessment to quickly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Reduce Administration Costs

Administration Costs

Eliminate internal hosting and administration costs with Tenable.io, hosted in the cloud.

The Tenable solution starts with a foundation of Tenable.sc or Tenable.io, and then builds on the foundation by adding Tenable.io PCI ASV and Tenable.io Web Application Scanning, as needs require.

資產 14
資產 11
資產 12
Configuration Compliance
(PCI DSS 2.2)
Asset 14checkmark
資產 11
資產 12
Establish a process to identify security vulnerabilities and assign a risk rating to newly discovered vulnerabilities
(PCI DSS 6.1)
Asset 14checkmark
資產 11
Asset 12checkmark
Ensure that all system components and software are protected from known vulnerabilities by installing vendor-supplied security patches.
(PCI DSS 6.2)
Asset 14checkmark
資產 11
資產 12
For public-facing web applications, address new threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.
(PCI DSS 6.6)
資產 14
資產 11
Asset 12checkmark
Internal Vulnerability Scanning
(PCI DSS 11.2.1)
Asset 14checkmark
資產 11
資產 12
External Vulnerability Scanning
(PCI DSS 11.2.2)
資產 14
Asset 11checkmark
資產 12
Asset 14More Info
Tenable.ioMore Info
Asset 11More Info
Asset 12More Info
  • 資產 14
  • Tenable.io
  • 資產 11
  • 資產 12

Tenable.sc(™), the on-premises Cyber Exposure platform, evaluates vulnerability and configuration data across the cardholder data environment. Prioritize security risks and provide clear insight into PCI DSS compliance.

This comprehensive PCI DSS solution provides the continuous visibility, critical context and actionable intelligence service providers and merchants need to monitor PCI technical controls, year-round.

  • Automate host activity data collection and review. Identify threats to cardholder data in near real-time.
  • Maintain compliance between assessments.
  • Measure and communicate your PCI compliance program status with all stakeholders.
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Tenable.io®, the cloud-based Cyber Exposure platform, helps protect cardholder data whether it is being captured by an ecommerce website, or stored on-premises or in the cloud.

Tenable.io and available applications address multiple PCI DSS compliance requirements to help organizations measure and manage cyber risk well beyond the assets that are in scope for PCI DSS. Tenable.io eliminates blind spots with the industry’s most comprehensive visibility into traditional and modern assets, such as cloud, mobile devices, containers and web applications.

  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across modern assets.
  • Integrate with ITSM solutions to streamline remediation workflows.
  • Verify that patches have remediated vulnerabilities.
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Tenable.io® PCI ASV, an add-on to Tenable.io®, streamlines verification of adherence with the PCI Data Security Standard 11.2.2 requirement for external vulnerability scanning.

Pre-configured scan templates and an efficient evidence/dispute resolution process lets you quickly run scans, submit attestation requests and resolve disputes.

  • Meet quarterly PCI ASV scanning requirements with minimal impact on staff resources.
  • Scan yassets when convenient for your organization, and rescan as needed to obtain a result that is ready for review.
  • Streamline the resolution process by batching disputes and reusing previously submitted dispute documentation.
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Tenable.io® Web Application Scanning delivers safe and automated vulnerability scanning for your in-scope web applications.

Tenable.io Web Application Scanning 能安全、準確並自動掃描您的 Web 應用程式,讓您深入檢視弱點和寶貴的環境資訊,以排定修復的優先順序。

  • Understand the sitemap applications layouts to identify in-scope web application
  • Scan HTML5 and single page applications, along with traditional HTML apps.
  • Enable highly automated no-touch scans for continuous protection. Easily define the frequency of automated testing.
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Addressing PCI DSS with Tenable.io


How to Enable Continuous PCI DSS Compliance Monitoring


Tenable.io PCI ASV 認證

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選擇 Tenable.io

免費試用 60 天

享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即註冊並在 60 秒內進行第一次掃描。

立即購買 Tenable.io

享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即訂閱一年。

65 資產



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免費試用 Nessus Professional

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Nessus® 是現今市場上功能最全面的弱點掃描工具。Nessus Professional 能協助自動化弱點掃描程序、節省您達到合規性的時間並讓您的 IT 團隊互動。

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Nessus® 是現今市場上功能最全面的弱點掃描工具。Nessus Professional 能協助自動化弱點掃描程序、節省您達到合規性的時間並讓您的 IT 團隊互動。


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試用 Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

免費試用 60 天

享受我們專為現代應用程式而設計,屬於 Tenable.io 平台一部分的最新 Web Application Scanning 產品的所有功能。不需耗費大量人力或中斷重要 Web 應用程式,即可高度準確且安全地掃描您整個線上產品系列中是否含有任何弱點。 立即註冊並在 60 秒內進行第一次掃描。

購買 Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即訂閱一年。




免費試用 聯絡業務人員

試用 Tenable.io Container Security

免費試用 60 天

享受整合至弱點管理平台中的唯一容器安全產品的完整功能。監控容器映像中是否有弱點、惡意軟體及政策違規的情形。與持續整合和持續部署 (CI/CD) 系統整合,以支援 DevOps 作法、加強安全性並支援企業政策合規性。

購買 Tenable.io Container Security

Tenable.io Container Security 整合了建置程序,能提供包含弱點、惡意軟體和政策違規等容器影像安全性的能見度,讓您無縫並安全地啟用 DevOps 流程。

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