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Continuously Assess and Monitor PCI Compliance

PCI security standards impact virtually every company involved with credit card processing, including merchants, financial institutions, point-of-sale vendors and hardware/software developers involved in processing payments. Because payment card information is one of the most appealing targets for attackers, protecting payment card transactions and cardholder data (CHD) is crucial.

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Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View® (SecurityCenter CV™) enables you to proactively monitor and maintain your PCI compliance posture, continuously measure PCI compliance program effectiveness and demonstrate that your approach to PCI compliance adheres to the PCI “business as usual” standard.

  • Continuously analyze and monitor systems and applications within your cardholder data environment (CDE), as well as the traffic going into and out of your CDE
  • Quickly detect the presence of malware or other unauthorized programs running in your environment
  • Get a centralized view of the current status of your PCI compliance technical controls, so you can quickly identify when you are drifting out of compliance and take immediate action
  • Leverage Tenable.io PCI ASV to perform external network PCI ASV vulnerability scanning of your perimeter, or internet facing systems.

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PCI Compliance

Learn how Tenable SecurityCenter CV helps you proactively monitor and maintain your PCI compliance posture.

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Make PCI Compliance Business-As-Usual for Your Organization

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This comprehensive PCI DSS solution provides the continuous visibility, critical context and actionable intelligence service providers and merchants need to monitor the required PCI technical controls, year-round. Automate host activity data collection and review, identify threats to card data in near real time and maintain compliance between assessments. Measure and communicate your PCI compliance program status with business terms, so executives can grasp how IT security team efforts and investments impact your current PCI compliance posture.

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Broad Coverage

Continuous monitoring of more than 75% of PCI DSS technical controls provides a comprehensive, near real-time view into the status of your PCI DSS compliance posture.


Unique combination of active scanning, agent scanning, intelligent connectors, continuous listening and host data monitoring, help you quickly identify when you are drifting out of compliance so you can take immediate action.

Centralized View

Identify threats and avoid data leakage by monitoring all devices within your cardholder data environment (CDE), including physical, virtual, mobile and cloud, as well as traffic going into and out of the CDE.

Streamlined Assessment

Automated baseline creation, ASV scanning, anomaly detection, continuous monitoring and purpose-built PCI DSS Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs), dashboards and reports make it easy for you to track and efficiently manage your entire PCI DSS security program from a central location.

“74% of IT professionals surveyed said their companies are either not fully PCI DSS compliant (38%) or are only partially compliant (36%).” Global Study on the State of Payment Data Security, Ponemon Institute, January 2016
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