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New in SecurityCenter 5.5.2

We are pleased to announce the release of SecurityCenter® 5.5.2, which will deliver a number of exciting new capabilities. Here are some highlights:

Support for Multiple LDAP Servers

SecurityCenter 5.5.2 introduces Multi-LDAP support, allowing users to use multiple LDAP servers to authorize SecurityCenter users. This new feature removes operational overhead and administrative challenges associated with authenticating SecurityCenter users, and allows compliance with local security policies.

Support for Multiple LDAP Query Assets

Once set up, customers will also be able to utilize multiple LDAP servers in their asset lists for vulnerability scanning, dashboards, reports and other areas of the product.


If you’re currently using an LDAP server in SecurityCenter, no additional work is required. Migration will occur automatically upon upgrade and there will be no service disruption.

To set up an LDAP server in SecurityCenter for the first time, or to add additional LDAP servers, navigate to Resources > LDAP Servers.

LDAP Servers List View

From here, you can set up multiple LDAPs and associate them with organizations, giving those organizations access to that LDAP server. After that, it’s as easy as editing a user to point them to a specific LDAP to use when logging in to SecurityCenter. For more detailed instructions, review the documentation at docs.tenable.com.

Once set up, users can create LDAP Query Assets to use in asset lists. Note that a user can't add an LDAP server to an asset list unless that LDAP is associated with their organization.

LDAP Query Asset

More Information

  • If you’re a current user and want to learn more, log in to the Tenable Support Portal to review the SecurityCenter 5.5.2 release notes. Or review the official documentation at the Tenable Documentation Center.
  • Information about SecurityCenter, including whitepapers and videos, is available on our website.
  • If you’d like to see a demo or speak with a Tenable™ sales representative, please request a demo.

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