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Tenable.io Vulnerability Management provides actionable insight into your security risks and where to focus with the first vulnerability management solution built for today’s dynamic assets.


Don’t Get Left Behind

The IT landscape is changing.Vulnerability management needs to change too.Organizations are embracing virtual and cloud assets.Mobile devices come and go from networks.Traditional periodic scanning is no longer enough to provide necessary visibility and insight.

Vulnerability Management for Modern IT

Tenable.io Vulnerability Management provides the most accurate information about all your assets and vulnerabilities in ever-changing environments.Its streamlined interface, intuitive guidance, and seamless integration help security teams maximize efficiency.When visibility and insight matter most, Tenable.io helps you truly understand your cyber exposure.

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Comprehensive vulnerability management - of any asset across any computing platform


Comprehensive Assessment

Includes Nessus sensors for active and agent scanning, as well as passive traffic listening, to maximize coverage and reduce vulnerability blind spots.

Dynamic Asset Tracking

Track assets and their vulnerabilities with unsurpassed accuracy - even highly dynamic IT assets like mobile devices, virtual machines, and cloud instances

Passive Monitoring

Continuously monitor network traffic to detect short-lived assets and hard-to-scan devices, such as sensitive medical devices or IoT special purpose systems.

Automated Cloud Visibility

Achieve continuous visibility of public cloud environments via automated asset discovery in AWS and others.

Streamlined User Experience

Makes common tasks such as running an assessment easier than ever with a modern, intuitive user interface and guided in-application messaging.


Automates the sharing of Tenable.io capabilities and vulnerability data with pre-built integrations or via the open API and SDK.

BENEFITS FOR Security Teams

Eliminate blind spots

Most comprehensive asset, vulnerability, and assessment coverage.

Boost productivity

Run your first assessment in less than 5 minutes.

Gain Flexibility

Improve ROI and benefit from the industry’s only elastic licensing approach.

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Data Sheets

Tenable.io Vulnerability Management 資料表
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