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(NESSUS 代理程式)

Increase Scan Flexibility

Nessus® Agents, available with Tenable.io™ Vulnerability Management and Nessus Manager, increase your scanning capabilities – and flexibility.Agents enable you to scan without host credentials, conduct large-scale concurrent scanning with little network impact and more...

Scan Transient Devices

Scan laptops and other transient devices that are not always connected to your local network.

Scan Without Host Credentials

Once deployed, agents no longer require host credentials to run future scans.

Scan Quickly

Perform rapid scans on demand – for example, immediately scan all assets for a significant vulnerability like ShellShock.

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Nessus Agent Details

  • Support Windows, OS X, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Amazon Linux operating systems
  • The performance overhead of agents is minimal, and because agents rely on local host resources, they can potentially reduce your overall network scanning overhead
  • Eliminate the need to manage credentials for vulnerability scanning
  • Can be deployed using most software management systems
  • Auto-update once deployed, so maintenance is minimal
  • Designed to be highly secure, including leveraging encryption to protect your data

Download Nessus Agents

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