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New IT/OT Features Help Tenable Customers Increase Visibility, Security and Control

Tenable.ot v3.14 product features increase coverage of segmented networks and give broader visibility across your operational technology (OT) environment.

Now more than ever, it is essential for organizations to understand their cybersecurity baseline. From malicious outsiders and insiders to new vulnerabilities affecting multiple vendors — without effective visibility into your IT network you can't make the best business decisions.

Today, we’re introducing new features in Tenable.ot to give customers the ability to better tailor the tool to their specific security needs, make it easier to report out to non-technical stakeholders and give deeper coverage of segmented or isolated assets.Tenable.ot is a leader in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security for the modern industrial enterprise giving your organization the ability to identify your assets, communicate risk and prioritize action all while enabling IT and OT teams to work better together.

Four new capabilities in Tenable.ot

1. Deeper coverage of segmented assets — In securing an OT environment, it’s critical to segment networks and separate mission-critical assets from less critical assets, much like traditional air gaps. However, network segmentation introduces limitations. Oftentimes, the workaround is to throw in multiple passive scanning appliances to map traffic across the segments in the network, and the result is still an incomplete picture of the assets in your network. With new Active Sensors from Tenable.ot, you can query devices that are otherwise invisible to passive scanners — even if they are in a separate, isolated or non-routable network. Doing so gives you complete visibility into your entire environment without sacrificing security or disrupting the functionality of your assets.

2. New sensor management capabilities — With new sensor management capabilities, you have better control and the context you need to make the best security decisions for your business. This increases your detection capabilities and makes it easier to disrupt potential attack paths before threat actors leverage them. You can even deploy sensors on virtual machines and manage them through a single interface. Our patented active query technology is now more flexible for customers who have implemented a zero-trust initiative or introduced additional segmentation. So, wherever you are in securing your environment, Tenable will meet you there.

3. Consolidated global dashboard reporting — When executives ask, "How secure are we?" they don't want 100-page reports with technical jargon. They need information that is simple to understand and easy to communicate to the rest of the business. Enhanced global dashboard reporting helps security teams quickly gather telemetry from across the OT environment. User-configurable widgets make it easy to group assets by type, events, policies and risk scores. Security teams can efficiently identify high-risk assets and communicate risk effectively so executives can make informed decisions on business initiatives. ​

4. In-product signature and detection feed — With the new signature and detection feed, you can leverage our comprehensive research organization to make sure you’re running the latest and greatest plugins. This gives you the ability to detect the latest vulnerabilities, and perform tactical assessments for vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Instead of waiting for threats and attacks to happen, take proactive steps to find those weaknesses before they show up on your network.

In addition to these new features and capabilities, Tenable.ot is constantly expanding its supported protocols and systems set based on customer needs.


如果您還不是 Tenable 客戶,歡迎安排免費的諮詢與示範,與我們討論如何協助您改善您的安全方案與成效。

For more information about Tenable.ot, visit www.tenable.com/products/tenable-ot or join us for a Tenable.ot Customer Update webinar




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您的 Tenable.io Vulnerability Management 試用版也包含 Tenable Lumin、Tenable.io Web Application Scanning 和 Tenable.cs Cloud Security。

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