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Tenable.io Container Security 透過與建構過程整合,藉由提供容器影像(包括弱點、惡意程式碼和策略違規)可視化,順暢、安全地支援 DevOps 過程。


Secure Your DevOps Without Sacrificing Velocity

DevOps teams are turning to Docker to quickly build and release new services and applications.Containers, however, present significant security challenges and risks.The shortlived nature of containers, lack of IP addressability and credentialed scans, and inability to remediate vulnerabilities mean securing containers requires a different approach.

Stop Security Vulnerabilities Early

Tenable.io Container Security delivers end-to-end visibility of Docker container images, providing vulnerability assessment, malware detection and policy enforcement early in the SDLC prior to deployment.By integrating with developer build systems, Tenable.io Container Security brings proactive visibility to solve the security challenges of containers at the speed of DevOps.

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Includes integrations with common CI/CD build systems and container image registries


DevOps Integration

“Shift left” with security in the software development lifecycle.Perform rapid vulnerability and malware detection testing within the DevOps toolchain.Out of the box integrations with common CI/CD build systems and container image registries.

In-depth Visibility

Know what is inside a container before deployment.Produce a detailed bill of materials covering all layers and components.Provide “at-a-glance” visibility into both container image inventory and security.

Automated Inspection

Rapid and easy assessment of container images by layer.Purpose-built malware detection engine to ensure images are malware-free.Unique layer hierarchy intelligence to understand when vulnerabilities are mitigated in higher layers.

Continuous Assessment

Protect containers from newly identified threats via monitoring of a wide range of external vulnerability databases.Container images are automatically re-tested as new vulnerabilities are identified to rapidly respond to emerging risks.

Policy Assurance

Ensure containers in production are compliant with policy.Notify developers immediately with specific remediation advice when container images exceed organization risk thresholds.Works in concert with other Tenable solutions to provide runtime detection and hardening of vulnerable container hosts.

Runtime Vulnerability Detection

Works in concert with other Tenable solutions to provide runtime detection and hardening of vulnerable container hosts.

BENEFITS FOR:Security Teams | DevOps Teams

Reduce operational costs

Eliminate costs by up to 85% by remediating vulnerabilities before deployment.

Eliminate blind spots

Gain peace of mind with comprehensive insight into the security of your containers.

Accelerate DevOps

Avoid slowing down DevOps workflows with security tests faster than 30 seconds.

Generate higher quality code

Pinpoint security risks and take direct action with specific remediation advice.

Greater productivity

Push secure code even faster with security testing within your CI/CD toolchain.

Personalized visibility

Tailored dashboards for each DevOps team provides immediate security alerts.

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