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業界研究:對醫療保健安全狀態的SANS 2014報告

How do your healthcare security practices compare with SANS findings?

The findings from SANS Institute’s second-annual healthcare cyber security survey have been compiled into a report titled, “Awareness and Practices Improving:State of Cyber Security in Health Care Organizations.”

Tenable co-sponsored this research project, which compiled survey data from more than 200 qualified security professionals.Thoughtfully analyzed and assembled into an insightful report by SANS analyst, Barbara Filkins, the paper is an ideal resource for benchmarking your current security programs and 2015 planning.It will help you evaluate:

  • Overall information systems risk facing healthcare organizations
  • Risks and challenges associated with cloud systems and mobile devices
  • Current security controls used by healthcare organizations
  • Healthcare threat landscape
  • Role of security in application development and integration
  • Security-related financial and human resource investments

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