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實現有效弱點風險管理的 10 個步驟

What is your vulnerability management program missing?

Read the ebook, 10 Steps for Achieving Effective Vulnerability Management, to learn about:

  • The challenges for vulnerability management
  • Crucial weaknesses to look for
  • 10 actions you can take to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Key performance indicators

Today’s threat landscape is not getting any easier to manage.While the number of things you can do to reduce your risk posture is virtually limitless, no organization we’ve seen has the time or resources to do it all.That’s why it’s important to start with the activities that will make the most impact to your organization.View this ebook to see what 10 key steps you can take that will dramatically reduce your exposure.

For a quick introduction, view the 10 Steps for Achieving Effective Vulnerability Management infographic.

實現有效弱點風險管理的 10 個步驟

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