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7 Reasons Security Consultants Trust Their Business to Nessus

Explore and understand the ways you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your security consulting practice with Nessus.

Nessus Professional has been deployed by more than one million users across the globe.It has benefits for a wide range of organizations, and has some very unique benefits for security consultants.

Join us 2pm ET 3月 22, 2018 for the webinar, “7 Reasons Security Consultants Trust Their Business to Nessus.”

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why Nessus is the industry’s most widely deployed assessment solution for identifying vulnerabilities, configuration issues and malware
  • What unique advantages Nessus offers consultants -- including new capabilities added in December
  • How you can start leveraging Nessus today.

For the 7 specific reasons join us on March 22!In the meantime, if you are not already using Nessus, please download a free 7-day trial.Please note that this is only a portion of the full product, but try it and bring your questions to the webinar.

Save your spot!Register today!


Lindsay Van Gemert

Product Marketing Manager

Michael Ohanian

Product Manager

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Nessus® 是現今市場上最全面的弱點掃描軟體。Nessus Professional 將幫助自動化弱點掃描過程,在您的合規性週期內節省時間,並讓您的 IT 團隊參與其中。