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Higher Education


Helping Colleges and Universities Provide Access and Secure Their Networks

Institutions of higher education support students, faculty and administrators, each with their own educational goals, as well as varying levels of access to university resources. With their open campus networks, colleges and universities are uniquely challenged to provide academic access, while securing large amounts of personal information, intellectual property and other data and assets on their networks.

These institutions must not only support secure access, but also defend users from vulnerabilities and security breaches, demonstrate compliance with a variety of regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, FERPA and others, while safeguarding the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of all types of users.

Case Study

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Learn how Auckland University of Technology gained better control over its entire security posture with Tenable.

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Solutions to Support Campus Network Security

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Tenable helps colleges and universities expand their campus networks, while at the same time, deploying vulnerability management, continuous monitoring and other capabilities as needed to improve risk posture and security effectiveness. Tenable solutions enable you to:

  • Detect unknown devices: Students, faculty and administrators bring their own mobile and other devices to campus every day. Which are vulnerable, infected and connecting to the university network?
  • Spotlight out-of-compliance systems: Which non-compliant systems need to be proactively remediated before the next audit?
  • Isolate security weaknesses: What security weaknesses and attack paths exist in the university network?
  • Deliver advanced analytics: What actions will reduce the highest levels of exposure and loss?
  • Measure security effectiveness: Are the current security and patch management programs effective or must they be improved?

How Tenable Can Help

SecurityCenter® consolidates and evaluates vulnerability data across your organization, prioritizing security risks and providing a clear view of your security posture with:

  • Pre-built, highly customizable dashboards and reports
  • The industry’s only Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs)
  • Asset grouping and assessment
  • Alerts and notifications

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SecurityCenter Continuous View® provides users with most comprehensive and integrated view of their network health.

  • Continuous asset discovery and profiling
  • Security assurance metrics with Assurance Report Cards
  • Event and activity monitoring
  • Advanced analytics

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“We felt confident that moving up to SecurityCenter Continuous View provided the best overall solution and outcome...Our productivity has improved with its superior scan management capabilities, which provide greater visibility into our university-wide security posture and vulnerability management.” Brian Green, Auckland, Security and Access Manager, Auckland University of Technology
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享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即註冊並在 60 秒內進行第一次掃描。

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享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即訂閱一年。

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Nessus® 是現今市場上功能最全面的弱點掃描器。Nessus Professional 能協助自動化弱點掃描程序、節省您達到合規性的時間並讓您的 IT 團隊互動。

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Nessus® 是現今市場上功能最全面的弱點掃描器。Nessus Professional 能協助自動化弱點掃描程序、節省您達到合規性的時間並讓您的 IT 團隊互動。

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