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Meeting General Data Protection Regulation Security Requirements


Implement, Monitor and Communicate Security Measures that Help You Mitigate GDPR Risk

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May of 2018 and applies to all organizations, regardless of location, that process or store personal data of EU data subjects.With the deadline fast approaching – and potentially significant fines for noncompliance of up to 4% of annual gross revenue or €20 million (~$24 million), whichever is greater – organizations around the world are ramping up compliance efforts.

The text of the GDPR spells out a number of largely prescriptive security requirements.Notably, Article 32 directs organizations to identify risk, implement “appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk,” and regularly test and evaluate those measures.

Tenable can help organizations meet the risk identification, testing and evaluation aspects of Article 32, as well as a number of other challenges affecting both Data Controllers and Data Processors.Furthermore, within Articles 37-39, the GDPR outlines the role and activities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).Tenable also offers capabilities that support this role, notably for assessing host discovery, vulnerability management and policy compliance.

Take the next step in your GDPR compliance journey.

For actionable advice and insights that will help you effectively meet GDPR security requirements, check out the resources below or contact your authorized Tenable partner today to arrange an in-depth demonstration of SecurityCenter Continuous View®.

SecurityCenter Continuous View provides a comprehensive and integrated view of network health.It is particularly well-suited to help organizations in the areas of asset discovery, vulnerability management and compliance management, which are key aspects of Cyber Exposure.

Featured Product:

SecurityCenter CV 從多個感應器中收集資料,以提供弱點、威脅、網路流量和事件資料的進階分析以及不間斷地檢視您整體環境的 IT 安全性。It gives you the information you need to continuously adapt and improve your security posture to protect your organization and help achieve GDPR compliance.


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