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The world’s first widely deployed vulnerability assessment solution



Fast, comprehensive and accurate point-in-time vulnerability scans for traditional IT assets

Easily transferable license, flexible installation options, and tailored report branding


Vulnerability management for traditional IT with extensive compliance reporting



To demonstrate adherence to multiple compliance initiatives with pre-defined checks against industry standards and regulatory mandates

Continuous monitoring to discover unknown assets and passive vulnerability detection of new and "unsafe-to-scan" assets


The world’s first Cyber Exposure platform for visibility into any asset

Ideal for...


Continuous visibility and insight across IT, cloud, IoT and OT

Powerful and flexible enterprise-grade vulnerability management, analytics, reporting and integrations

Specialized solutions for web application scanning, container security and OT security

彈性的 SaaS 或內部部署選項

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試用 Tenable.io Vulnerability Management

免費試用 60 天

享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即註冊並在 60 秒內進行第一次掃描。

購買 Tenable.io Vulnerability Management

享受現代、雲端型的弱點管理平台,使您能夠以無與倫比的準確性查看和追蹤所有資產。 立即訂閱一年。

65 資產

免費試用 Nessus Professional

免費試用 7 天

Nessus® 是現今市場上功能最全面的弱點掃描器。Nessus Professional 能協助自動化弱點掃描程序、節省您達到合規性的時間並讓您的 IT 團隊互動。