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SecurityCenter 5 FAQs

SecurityCenter 一般問題


SecurityCenter® consolidates and evaluates vulnerability data across the enterprise, prioritizing security risks and providing a clear view of your security posture.With SecurityCenter, get the visibility and context you need to effectively prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with IT security frameworks, standards and regulations, and take decisive action to ensure the effectiveness of your IT security program and reduce business risk.

SecurityCenter includes functionality from Nessus® as well as the following additional capabilities:

  • Measure security assurance and the effectiveness of your security investments using Tenable exclusive Assurance Report Cards® (ARCs)
  • Use customizable dashboards, reports and workflows to quickly identify and rapidly respond to security incidents
  • 傳達整合後的計量給企業管理高層和其他IT安全關係人
  • View vulnerability management and security assurance trends across systems, services and geographies
  • 根據任務分組和控制成員的權限
  • 使用具有可行動資訊的先進分析和趨勢,優先處理事件和警報

什麼是SecurityCenter Continuous View?

SecurityCenter Continuous View® is a comprehensive solution that provides continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive action.憑藉先進的分析,它提供您安全性規劃有效果的持續保證。

SecurityCenter Continuous View包括SecurityCenter提供的功能以及以下其他功能:

  • 獲得連接到網路上的資產和它們如何溝通的資訊
  • 監測主機的活動和事件,包括誰在使用和有何變化
  • Identify previously unknown resources, changes in behavior and new application usage
  • 近乎即時得到持續的安全和合規性計量
  • 找出即時活動與基於狀態的漏洞數據的相關性

SecurityCenter 5有什麼獨特之處?

The new capabilities in SecurityCenter 5 enable you to continuously measure, analyze and visualize the security and risk posture of your enterprise.SecurityCenter 5包括一個全新的基於HTML5的使用者介面,使您能夠創建可高度自定義的儀表板和報告,以以滿足相關者獨特的需求,簡化工作流程以獲更快的趨勢分析,以及新的API使其更容易與您現有的IT流程和工作流程整合。

SecurityCenter 5還包括業界首個Assurance Report Cards (ARCs),讓您的首席資料安全長(Chief Information Security Officer, CISO)和安全主管能夠以簡潔明瞭地詞語定義公司的安全性規劃目標,找出及填補潛在的安全缺口,並傳達給高級管理階層和董事會成員您的安全投資的效益。

SecurityCenter 5有哪些新功能?


  • Assurance Report Cards (ARCs):Assurance Report Cards provide an effective way to measure and communicate to executives that high-level business objectives are being met based on evaluation of customer defined security policies and rapid deployment of controls in near real time.
  • Critical Cyber Controls (CCC):Critical Cyber Controls是五項預先定義的ARCs,著重於監測對任何企業確保安全狀況影響最大的五大安全目標。


  • 先進的分析:提供前後視覺化內容的深入見解與可行動的資訊以優先考慮安全問題。Breaking Kill Chains儀表板是SecurityCenter提供開箱即用的先進分析的一個例子。
  • 改善的搜尋和趨勢分析:現在掃描的搜尋及趨勢分析和事件資料包括將增量變化存儲在後端儲存庫的能力。


  • 可自定義的儀表板和報告:全新基於HTML5的 UI提供可高度自定義的儀表板,具有預覽以便幫助視覺化資料會如何出現在螢幕上。
  • 儀表板範本:Tenable研究團隊每天產生新的儀表板和報告內容,以獨特的安全應用程式市集界面交付給客戶,無下載或解壓縮的必要。


  • 對Nessus的科技支援:automates imports of Nessus Agent scan data from Tenable.io Vulnerability Management or Nessus Manager directly into SecurityCenter (available in SecurityCenter 5.1 or later).
  • 內容摘要的稽核策略:在定期來自Tenable的內容摘要中提供自動配置策略,無需經由手動下載和匯入。
  • 配置中斷窗口:提供個別掃描政策的覆寫排程。
  • 新的APIenables integration of SecurityCenter 5 with existing infrastructure to automate centralized management, reporting, remediation and workflows.了解更多有關SecurityCenter REST API的資訊。
  • 32G儲存庫: supports saving more scans, events and network activity data for longer periods.
  • UTF字元支援:支援報告的國際化/本地化

什麼是Assurance Report Cards (ARC)?


什麼是Critical Cyber Controls,以及它如何幫助我?

Critical Cyber Controls是預先安裝在SecurityCenter專為企業管理高層準備的ARC5他們提供CISO來驗證下列影響最大的五大安全目標以確保任何企業的安全狀況。

  • 目標1:追踪硬體和軟體經授權的庫存
  • 目標2:除去漏洞和錯誤配置
  • 目標3:部署一個安全的網路
  • 目標4:授權用戶對系統的存取
  • 目標5:搜尋惡意程式碼和入侵者

每個Critical Cyber Control ARC都可自行定義以滿足您特定的安全目標。

什麼是Nessus Agents?

Nessus Agents are lightweight programs installed locally on a host – a laptop, virtual system, desktop and/or server.Agents收到來自中央的Nessus Manager伺服器的掃描指令、在本機執行掃描並將漏洞、合規性和系統結果傳回中央伺服器。

Nessus Agents, available with Tenable.io Vulnerability Management and Nessus Manager, increase scan flexibility by making it easy to scan problematic assets such as those needing ongoing host credentials and assets that are offline.代理程式還在對網路極少影響下實現大規模且同時的掃描。

為什麼要在SecurityCenter上使用Nessus Agents?

今日大量擴展的網絡和行動裝置讓評估和保護您所有的環境變得極為困難。現在已經可以利用Nessus Agent科技來提高掃描涵蓋範圍,並消除盲點。Nessus Agents於6.3二月2015隨著Nessus首次推出,平台涵蓋範圍不斷擴大。


  • 暫時性的系統,如筆記型電腦,在傳統的掃描運行時,往往未連接到網路上。
  • 連接在有限的頻寬連線或跨複雜分段網路的系統。
  • 安全團隊沒有所需的認證以為其執行經過驗證的掃描之系統。
  • 進行傳統掃描是不安全的易出問題的系統。

Nessus Agents 和 SecurityCenter如何一起運作?

Nessus Agent scans, configured from within Tenable.io Vulnerability Management or Nessus Manager, identify vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware on the hosts where they are installed, report results back to Tenable.io Vulnerability Management or Nessus Manager, and then the results are imported into SecurityCenter on a scheduled basis.經由預定代理程式之彙集匯入的時間,將確保您的報告和整體安全計量現在包括您環境中「所有的」主機。

什麼是使用Nessus Agents建議的部署模式?

Tenable recommends that you use Tenable.io Vulnerability Management to manage Nessus Agents and to transfer agent data to SecurityCenter.

Tenable recommends the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management deployment model for the following reasons:

  • 安全地保護您的行動工作人員:您可能有數以千計的遠端/行動工作者,他們的筆記型電腦在漏洞掃描過程中未連線。Nessus Agents will run the scans locally and then upload result to Tenable.io Vulnerability Management when a connection is available, without the risk associated with every agent uploading its individual results through your firewall.
  • 簡化管理:Tenable manages Tenable.io for you.We are responsible for high availability, we backup the data and we perform the software updates.You manage your vulnerability data, not the Tenable.io platform.
  • 輕鬆調整規模:當您的Nessus Agents使用增加,您不需為適應增長升級您的計算和存儲基礎結構。
  • 掃描您的周邊:Many SecurityCenter customers that already perform internal scanning to satisfy PCI compliance requirements also use Tenable.io Vulnerability Management to satisfy external PCI scanning requirements that must be performed by an approved scanning vendor (ASV).如果您尚未使用SecurityCenter來滿足內部和外部的PCI合規掃描,這種部署模式將讓您很容易使用這兩種SecurityCenter的功能。
  • 維護網際網路頻寬:Importing scan data in bulk from Tenable.io can be scheduled during off hours to preserve daytime bandwidth for your business users.Additionally, managing a single connection between Tenable.io and SecurityCenter reduces network overhead compared with managing thousands of connections with individual agents.

If desired, you can use Nessus Manager in place of Tenable.io Vulnerability Management to manage the agents.在這種情況下,Tenable建議您部署Nessus Manager作為代理程式和SecurityCenter之間的代理。

欲獲得更多有關Nessus Agents的資訊,請參閱以下資源:


可以在哪裡新客戶購買SecurityCenter 5?

新客戶應聯繫其Tenable或合作夥伴銷售代表或前往Tenable website預約示範並在購買前取得一份評估版SecurityCenter 5。

SecurityCenter 科技支援

從SecurityCenter 4.7或 4.8升級到 SecurityCenter 5需支付額外費用嗎?


現有客戶可以在哪裡下載SecurityCenter 5?

現有客戶可以從Support Portal下載安裝套件。


Instructions for upgrading SecurityCenter from previous versions are available in the documentation.

SecurityCenter 5可用在哪些平台上?

Platform support is described in the Tenable General Requirements guide.

什麼是SecurityCenter 5的硬體需求?

Hardware requirements for SecurityCenter 5 are described in the Tenable General Requirements guide.